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How to Solve 3 Popular Wedding Decor Issues

Planning the décor of your wedding can be truly fun – but it can get nerve-wrecking and exhausting as well. What do you do when there are décor-related issues that feel like the end of the world? We have gathered 3 of the most common wedding décor issues and their resolve right below –

  • You don’t like your venue’s wallpapers. There may be a thousand reasons for which a bride may decide that she simply doesn’t like the wallpapers on her venue’s walls. If this happens for you, learn that the solution is much simpler than it may appear at first. If you like everything else about your venue, simply cover the walls with delicate curtains. This will add a lot of grace to your wedding décor and it will also “save” you from the wallpapers you dislike so much.

  • Your venue is too large. Although a lot of brides are on the lookout for large, spacious venues, there are also many people who are seeking the exact opposite. If you have already booked a large venue and realized that you wanted a comfier, more intimate atmosphere only after that, you should know that there are still some things you can do about this. For instance, you can create “spaces within spaces” such as a couple of lounge areas in a large venue, for example.

  • Your venue’s colors are not suitable for your wedding color scheme. Ideally, you should have thought about this when you first booked the venue. However, if that’s too late for you, there are still some things you can do. You can either embrace the venue’s colors and slowly incorporate them into your wedding color scheme or you can try to “cover up” those colors that don’t go with your theme.

If you're concerned about these issues, then you may want to think about hire us. We'll ensure that these items are taken care of before they even become an issue. How about we talk so that we can get an idea of your vision and how we can make it a reality?

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